Investing in Infrastructure

The team at Seatrek believes that on-the-ground operations and facilities are as important as the carriage on the sea to provide a seamless experience for our clients.


Self-propelled barges have been acquired by Seatrek Trans in Bangladesh to control the risks that might be incurred by our clients in the discharge of their goods at the port of destination. We are in the process of identifying new investments in terminals to offer extended services to ensure safe and efficient handling of goods.


Seatrek, in a joint collaboration with its associate company, Atlas Shipping Lines Ltd, is currently exploring the construction of its own shipyard in Bangladesh to build barges and tugs. It is looking for an experienced partner to collaborate on this exciting expansion that could exponentially ease the logistical pressures of shipping in the region.

Floating Crane

Another exciting plan in the pipeline is to be a pioneer in setting up the first floating crane facility in Chittagong, Bangladesh. This facility, which will be constructed and managed with a partner, will bring about a considerably faster turn-around of vessels in this part of the world.

Stock Pile

In addition to investing in terminals, Seatrek is identifying stock pile facilities for the convenience of our clients to avoid detention of ships due to untimely discharge of cargo.

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