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Since 1999 Seatrek Trans has been moving a wide range of commodities across the sea. Like the shipping industry, we are always growing. Our fleet of young ships is reliable and efficient. We strive to be responsible stewards of the sea  – expanding world trade in an eco-friendly fashion.

SeaTrek is Passionate about the Sea and Providing Best In Class Service For Your Bulk Carrier Shipping Needs through our modern fleet, logistics and diverse trade.

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Asifur R. Chowdhury
Founder & Managing Director
Seatrek Trans Pte Ltd. is a leading dry bulk carrier specializing in Handy to Panamax sizes. We offer shipping and logistical solutions through all trade routes, east to west, north to south, serving more than 100 destinations. Our key business focus is creating customized solutions for our clients’ shipping and logistical needs through reliable and flexible services at competitive freight rates. This is made possible through our international offices in Singapore (Headquarters), China, Seoul, Bangkok and our two offices in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh.

To increase diversification in the marine sector, Seatrek penetrated the tanker market at the end of 2018. We are now operating three newly built 39k DWT tankers and are expanding our shipping services — offering transport of all wet cargoes, including both dirty and clean products.

The international element of the shipping business is further reflected in the team at Seatrek. Comprised of people from many countries, this organizational diversity lends vibrancy to the company. Each team member brings in a different perspective, yet is unified in their dedication to the client. As a tribute to the people who have made Seatrek what it is today, our most recently acquired ships have been named MV Essence of Seatrek and MV Spirit of Seatrek. Internationalism is the very essence of who we are, reflected by the industry we serve.
Asifur R Chowdhury - Seatrek Trans, Founder & Managing Director


Asifur R. Chowdhury

Seatrek Trans, Founder & Managing Director
When Asifur Chowdhury was only five, he wanted to be a ship captain... he built an international shipping company instead!
Founder Asifur R. Chowdhury is a second-generation shipping company owner. His father, Sanaullah Chowdhury worked his way up the ladder in the shipping industry until he became the first Bangladeshi ocean-going vessel ship owner and founder of Atlas Shipping. With a Master’s degree in international shipping and years as his father’s right hand, Asifur founded Seatrek Trans in Singapore with an aim to become a modern shipping company owner and grow in step with the global shipping industry.


At Seatrek we have a long-term focus on a greener and more sustainable shipping industry and that starts with us. .
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Seatrek is committed and proud to own and operate a fleet of modern ships with an average age under 10 years.
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To maintain a competitive advantage in the industry we are focused on finding solutions to improve logistics.
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The scale and geographical diversity of our operations allows us to operate almost anywhere in the world.
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