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"It's all about relationships with our clients..."

Asifur R. Chowdhury
Seatrek Trans, Founder & Managing Director
Client-relationship management is of utmost importance and most of our clients are major manufacturers of multinational organizations who have been using our services since Seatrek’s inception. This long-term association with our clients is the endorsement of a superior and focused client orientation provided by our team. This is the greatest validation a company can get from its clients – proof of a long-term fruitful working relationship.

Seatrek runs a tight ship to ensure that our clients’ requirements take top priority. We aren't a rigid typical bulk carrier company - we provide flexible, value-added customized services to our clients. Our clients are unique and we have developed a direct working relationship with each one of them. We value and understand their needs.

Logistic Study & Analysis

The team at Seatrek believes that on-the-ground operations and facilities are as important as the carriage on the sea, to provide a seamless experience for our clients. Seatrek goes the extra mile by providing allied services to its clients, including logistics analysis, market research, and investment in port infrastructure and machinery.

Value-Added Service for Our Clients

Seatrek provides market intelligence and local logistics analysis for its clients. This service involves ascertaining the optimum size of vessel required to navigate cargo from port of origin to destination, in order to achieve quick turnaround of vessels.

We absorb the risk of exposure for loading and discharging cargo in terms of demurrage by providing CQD (Customary Quick Dispatch) for exclusive clients in certain areas as we recognize that it is beyond the capacity and control of our clients. Every client's peace of mind is the cornerstone of our operations.

Apart from being a mere transporter, Seatrek seeks to be a knowledgeable partner to its clients. Market research and logistics analysis are provided as additional services to clients who wish to seek more information about demand and supply of commodities, effective trade routes and identification of newer markets. Requirements for dry bulk goods change according to the needs of different countries and economies, and this information is critical to any dry good manufacturer. Similarly, supply information is vital to buyers as this is the source of their requirements. Seasonality factors are also an important area of analysis that constantly need to be monitored.

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